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I Need To Figure Out A Way To Be More Interesting

Because honestly, this whole ‘one post a week’ deal just isn’t doing it for me. Feels very… Mark-ish, if you get what I’m saying. In an attempt to remedy this, I found an interesting article on Gamasutra that I wanted … Continue reading

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Would Somebody Care To Explain To Me Just What The Hell This Is About?

I highlighted the appropriate part of the screenshot for you all. Seriously, just what the fuck is going on here? Over eight grand for a SSD? Is this shit gold-plated and encrusted in diamonds? Does it have the meaning of … Continue reading

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So Notch Is Going To Add Wolves Into Minecraft

Pet wolves, from the look of it. Minecraft just became one of my favorite games ever.

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I Feel Like I Should Have Something To Say After A Week Of Nothing

Not counting the previous post, of course. But I don’t. Instead, you get to look at some pictures I found while I was cleaning out the memory on my terrible excuse for a camera. Pictures are after the break. Enjoy.

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The Scene I Generally Wake Up To Almost Every Morning

Sometimes the dog is there just to ensure I have no wiggling room whatsoever.

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Tonight’s Food For Thought

Having a black cat in a room where all the major furniture is the exact same shade of black turns the mundane act of sitting down into an adventure.

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What is your dream role?

Funny story: I actually have a complete list of "dream roles" on my phone. It reads something like this (in no specific order) -Cauvelin (The Scarlet Pimpernel) -Sweeney Todd or Anthony (Sweeney Todd) -Bobby (Company) -The Beast (Beauty and the … Continue reading

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