“Go Make a Post on Hopscotch.” -Steve 2014

o hai. So a couple hours ago, I got the following text from Steve:


Also just got one that said “I mean, like, today” but fuck it i’m already making this post don’t need that picture.

Truth be told, I had an article in the pipes a few weeks ago detailing the “controversy” around the HIMYM series finale (Controversy meaning that a shit-load of people hated it because some stuff they didn’t like went down which, frankly, is the weakest argument one can make against the finale; complain about the pacing of the episode, sure, because that was godawful, but “i didn’t want that” is, in my earnest opinion, a bunch of bullshit and the finale was (wonky pacing aside) fine </rant>) but I didn’t go anywhere with that because, well, kind of lost the drive to make that article a thing. The thing is, with that article functionally dead I’m left with just about nothing that I have any desire to write about. Kind of the pickle, really, don’t you think? So, of course, I told Steve something along the lines of “Look, man, I don’t really have an article in me at the moment but hopefully something’ll come along in a few days and I’ll get that article done then and it’ll be a post of some quality with any luck. Glad you understand, friend.”

Why did I text "K"?

Well fuck.

So… This is kind of awkward. Bit caught with my pants down. Uh… Shit, what would Steve do?

um. Here’s a video on YouTube i like?


And go read Steve’s Dark Souls 2 review if you’re looking for real-not-fluff-content.


-What a piss-awful post-

Mark Piltz Jr.


About Mark Piltz Jr.

Mark is an Actor/Singer/Writer who enjoys writing (bad) poetry and prose, playing the guitar and piano, and occasionally writing (bad) songs. Mark also enjoys referring to himself in the third person when writing in the "about you" section of his profile when he's not too busy leaving glaring grammatical errors in the same section.
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