I Really Wanna Make A Politics Post

With primary elections looming overhead and the presidential race winding along, the urge to vomit opinion concerning politics is just maddening. Was it like this four years ago? I don’t remember.

I also don’t really remember being this fucking scared at the potential outcome, but then again I don’t think anyone ever really expected Mittens to pull any sort of upset.

But that was then, and while the Now is potentially terrifying in the implication that someone as insane as Donald fucking Trump has an actual shot at the White House, its also really interesting to look at. On both sides of the political spectrum — the GOP doesn’t have a monopoly on “holy shit this could be really bad”.

A ton of downtime is looming in my future, so I’ll probably decide to throw some darts at the dartboard.

That was a stupid analogy. I’ll talk politics later. Get Mark in on it. It’ll be fun.

Also hi. Nice to see you after eight months.


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