Why Hillary Rodham Clinton Is A Steaming Pile Of Horseshit


This is a list of Hillary Clinton’s top campaign donors throughout her career between the years of 1999 through 2016. This is all you should have to share with another reasonable human being for them to realize Clinton isn’t fit for the Presidency. There shouldn’t have to be any other issue. This is it.

The reason this should be the only issue is because of what it reveals about Hillary’s character; about how full of shit she is when she opens her mouth and says she is the enemy of Wall Street and whatever other large corporate entity that happens the topic of whatever conversation she’s attempting to wiggle her way out of.

This picture is the clearest picture of who Hillary is. Its also the only picture of who she is, because she’s a lying cunt A LYING CUNT. Allow me to extrapolate.

Current-Hillary in regards to Gay Marriage;

Past-Hillary in regards to Gay Marriage;

But hey, supporting LGBT rights would have been political suicide a few years ago, so maybe she get’s a pass. What about healthcare? In the current campaign, one of the most dividing issues is the difference between Sander’s plan to promote a single-payer system, and Hillary’s own stance on working alongside the current Affordable Care Act. To wit;

Never ever, huh, Hillary? What about that one time you said a single-payer system was inevitable? Just forgot about that, huh?

Most politicians change their positions throughout their career. Most people change their opinions throughout their life. This is good — you should always be willing to change your stance based on new, enlightening information that would give you cause to do so. The problem with Hillary is that she doesn’t change her opinion based on new info, she changes it because she’ll say whatever it is she thinks will get her the most support.

Like being a woman.

Have I mentioned that she’s a woman?

How can anyone take Hillary seriously? I don’t get it. She is representative of every negative aspect people hate about politicians. Why would anyone waste their time assuming a single word out of her mouth is even remotely truthful or not some sort of spin? You’d need to be gullible, deluded, or on the take.

Hillary’s campaign is mired in lies and cynicism and runs on the idea of ‘No We Can’t,’ — that Bernie and his supporters are ineffectual dreamers who can’t survive against the BIG BAD REPUBLICANS who subsist on the blood of newly born Middle-Class babies, so we should throw our hats in with her. At worst, she’s the lesser evil, right?

Fuck Hillary Clinton.


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2 Responses to Why Hillary Rodham Clinton Is A Steaming Pile Of Horseshit

  1. Sunny Bunny says:

    You say that she isn’t qualified to be president and I wonder what metric you used to come to that conclusion. Have you gone back through the previous presidential elections and seen the top donors?





    Not sure how Hillary is any worse in this regard. If you want to say all politicians are lying scumbags who basically only represent private interests you wont get any argument here, but you also wouldn’t be saying anything new.

    The 90’s and 2000s were a different time, everybody was a jackass and homophobe. Bernie also said that Vermont wasn’t ready for gay marriage, so whatever.

    Almost every single liberal democrat since FDR has been pushing for a single payer healthcare system, the closest we’ve ever come in America is when the dem’s controlled the house, senate, AND presidency and even then they were still unable to amend a single payer option to the ACA. You would think everybody’s dream of having single payer healthcare would have died right then and there but for some reason people still insist that there are huge numbers of far-left leaning liberals in the democratic party. There haven’t been and there still isn’t. Bernie has no support from within the party because the democrats are not liberals, progressives, or leftists. At best they’re centrist and at worse they’re indistinguishable from republicans.

    The “I’m a woman” comments are dumb pandering. The Sander’s equivalent is when he tries to equate every single service the state provides as ‘socialist’. Bernie, they would remove snow from the freeways in any economic system because the economy literally cannot function with snow on the roads lol. They’re both being intellectually dishonest to pander to their supporters, I don’t think anything else really needs to be said about the matter, or do you want to pick out all the stupid things that come out of the Republican candidates’ mouths?

    I feel you and many others only really single out Hillary like this because what she actually represents to you is a massive hurdle that Bernie needs to surmount. Which she is, but let’s face it, even if Bernie was elected the largest parts of what he wants to do would be horribly neutered or would just never come to pass.

    • Steve says:


      I really get a kick about how you linked the campaign finance history of past candidates, but didn’t bother to throw Bernie out there even though he’s Hillary’s current opponent and you go into him further down into your reply. I guess linking his finances wouldn’t have fed into the narrative that every politician is a paid shill? That everyone does it, so why does that make Hillary so bad?

      Here’s Bernie, btw; https://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/contrib.php?cycle=Career&cid=N00000528&type=I

      Even without Bernie’s comparison, Hillary is objectively worse. Past campaigns have never really been about campaign financing. Obama mentioned it once or twice off-handedly in the ’08 primaries, but aside from that its been pretty quiet on that front — until now. Hillary has come forward and said, live and in living color in front of the entire world, that she is not beholden to ‘Wall Street’. And she is.

      Yeah, most politicians lie. This is a big fucking problem, but Hillary makes it an art form. Not a good art form, more like Yoko’s idea of art. Hillary is really fucking bad at it — and she’s been doing it throughout her entire political career. Hillary isn’t just part of the establishment, Hillary is the quintessential embodiment of everything that is fucking wrong with our political system. She’s a political whore who will take anybody’s money up her tail-pipe while she vomits out whatever the hell it is her present audience wants to hear. She’s operating on a more up-to-date version of Ru-bot’s operating system.

      “The 90’s and 2000s were a different time, everybody was a jackass and homophobe. Bernie also said that Vermont wasn’t ready for gay marriage, so whatever.”

      This is absolutely true. Bernie, in 2006, did indeed say that he didn’t feel Vermont was ready for same-sex marriage, and that he felt that the issue was too divisive at the time. He also said this in 1995;

      So when Bernie changes his mind on marriage, I’m not angry because I don’t feel his choice is ultimately disingenuous. When Hillary does it, its because she just wants to keep her job.

      I’m not sure what else your post has to do with Hillary being a cunt. The Democratic party isn’t actually liberal? No fucking shit. Snow plowing is a socialist program? Well, yeah, actually, it is. So is Social Security. So are police departments, the postal service, medicare, the fucking military. I’m not sure how labeling a social program ‘socialist’ is intellectually dishonest when its a fact. Do you understand what socialism actually is? Do you understand the brand of democratic socialism Bernie is actually campaigning on? Or do you equate Socialism with Communism? There’s a pretty blatant difference between Bernie saying ‘Vote for me and I’ll work to give this country a modern healthcare system’ versus Hillary saying, ‘Vote for me because I have a vagina.’

      I single out Hillary because she’s a rotten human being who wants everyone to think she gives a shit about anything other than her Crown. That’s literally it. You think there’d be a different post here if Bernie was sitting out this year? I’ve hated Hillary since she decided videogames cause violence.

      This has nothing to do with Sanders and everything to do with Clinton. Shit, if Christie was still in the race there’d probably be a post about him too.

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