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Okay, we’re one day away from the Election which makes this post less than useless but I’ve wanted to make a thing about the Trumpster for awhile now and this is my last real chance to do it before its all irrelevant. Also I made that thing about how shit Clinton is, so I figure fair is fair, right?

This election is an absurdity. Future generations will be baffled by how we had a slew of politicians to choose from — several of them legitimate and worthy contenders for the presidency — and every single side of the political spectrum managed to nominate the worst candidate they had.

And you know what really throws me for a loop? How people can look at fucking Donald Trump and think to themselves, “Yeah, this is my guy. This is the man I wanna see as the US President.”

Have you all gone insane? Did you hit your heads on your way to the voting booth? And this isn’t even a vocal minority reminiscent of the tea party, who managed to get their foot in the door when nobody really understood the crazy that they held hidden away within themselves. This is a sizeable portion of the voting bloc within this country. For christ’s sake, there are people that I personally know that support this orangutan. I have close friends who bemoan their parents and siblings and other relatives who loudly proclaim their desire to ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN’ as if they actually had the first fucking notion on how they or their orange superhero could accomplish such an ethereal task.

But I need not go on so insultingly about his supporters. I have plenty of stuff to talk about concerning The Donald himself.


What the shit does this even mean? Nobody knows. Go on, find a supporter. They don’t know. They’ll vomit out Trump’s talking points of how we’re losing jobs to GYNA and our military is the laughing stock of the world and ISIS is going to break down our doorstep if we don’t do something right this instant, but its all so very insubstantial as to be insulting that I have to even talk about this.


We’ll ignore that bit about Christians because that’s a freebie and I know how bent out of shape conservatives get about the idea of handouts, and I wouldn’t wanna unnecessarily trigger anyone.

So, we’re losing an enormous amount of jobs to Mexico and other countries and China is taking advantage of us. Donald will almost always cite that one video of the air conditioner company laying off their workers to move south of the border as proof and this, and yeah, this claim has some merit to it. There are jobs that are being outsourced to other countries. You know why? Because a business, whose only interest is making as much profit as they can, is going to run their business as cheaply as possible, and if they can hire workers for slave-wages then they’re going to fucking do it. Apple’s been running sweatshops for years, this is nothing new.

So, what’s Donny’s plan? Let’s just tariff the goddamn fuck out of everything.

You think this is gonna bring jobs back to the US? Really? Do you have even the barest idea about the level of automation that is currently growing within the blue-collar sector of our economy? That most of the jobs the US has lost has been in manufacturing, which has been caused by improvement in technology and not outsourcing?

Fun fact; during the Great Depression, Herbert Hoover signed the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act. It only made things worse.

Not to mention that tariffing the shit out of every single thing that presents a danger to internal US production violates more than just of few of our global trade agreements we have with a number of other countries. And this isn’t even taking into account the inevitable economic retaliation from said other countries, thereby initiating a trade war. But who gives a shit about Diplomacy, anyway?

So what else is involved in Trump’s economic plan? Well, dude plans to cut taxes across the board, especially for those around his own tax bracket (Implying Trump pays taxes). Not to mention he plans to cut the corporate tax from 35% to 15, which is essentially trickle-down economics on steroids.

So Trump calls for massive cuts to taxes, but for the government to remain solvent it has to recoup those losses somewhere — namely in the form of cutting government spending. Conservative fiscal policies is what the right is supposed to be all about, so what wastefulness is Trump planning to trim away?

Protip; when people talk about how common core is bad and needs to go then you know for a fact that they don’t have a clue about what common core even fucking is. Do we need to talk about why the Environmental Protection Agency is kind of important? Or that even if he nixed both of these it wouldn’t do squat to make up the deficit? Fuck, even Reagan wasn’t this stupid about tax cuts.

So what do we have next?

ISIS is the dumbest fucking talking point because it speaks to such ignorant fearmongering that I get nauseous whenever I hear someone within earshot talk about it. ISIS isn’t a threat to the US in the fucking slightest.


Yeah, Bin Laden was specifically targeting the USA because of our abominable foreign interventionist policies in the Middle East (which we haven’t learned a goddamn thing from btw). ISIS, on the other hand, is attempting to establish an actual jihadist nation within the Middle East in an attempt to fulfill some doomsday prophecy to bring about the end times. Which I will admit sounds kinda spooky, but this is the part where I tell you that they fucking suck at it.

ISIS has been steadily losing territory for a while now, to the point where I don’t even understand how it manages to be a talking point in current political debates (EXCEPT I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND BECAUSE GOD FORBID ANYBODY FORGETS 9/11 FOR ONE GODDAMN SECOND MAN EFF THOSE BROWN DESERT BASTARDS USAUSAUSA).


The United States of America has a military of world conquest proportions. I find it both laughable and terrifying that so many people don’t really comprehend how fucking massive our military strength is compared to everyone else on the face of this planet.

But out of curiosity what is Trump’s plan to take out ISIS?

Do I even have to explain how fucking retarded this is? You’re going to bomb out the Middle East and then assert claim over another sovereign nation’s oil fields? Fucking what? Who does Trump think owns the oil out there? Not to mention this plan flies in the face of the DoD’s own strategy.

And now we come to the talking point that got Trump to where he is in the first place. And it brings me such a visceral feeling of humiliation to know that there are so many other people who I call my countrymen who so fervently support this buffonish endeavor out of such obvious bigotry and racism. I will forever despise Trump for making people feel comfortable enough to express their medieval thinking instead of just keeping it to themselves and whining about political correctness at their own fucking dinner tables instead of on national television.

But hey, maybe its not about racism. The USA does have an immigration problem that we need to fix, so maybe throwing a wall over our southern border is the answer.

Except for the part where the majority of illegal immigrants are here because they’re overstaying their visas. And a wall would have to run through a 120 mile national park running along the border. And that illegal immigration is a several million-dollar business that won’t give a fuck about having to smuggle shit through a goddamn fence.

But okay, maybe that doesn’t make it all about bigotry and racism. Maybe that’s just a leftist talking point in an attempt to discredit Trump and his supporters. Political correctness stifles free speech after all.

So what do we think about Muslims?


So what else has Trump said or done in this election cycle that’s irrevocably retarded?



Fuck, every single goddamn thing about Trump is infuriating because its mired in this viscous film of ignorance and stupidity. The man is so dumb and uneducated about every single thing he opens his autistic mouth about that the understanding that people rally behind him, because he appeals to their unintelligent and rabid jingoistic bigotry, makes me wanna put a gun against my temple.

Even his way of talking pisses me off.

There’s so much more I can get into that it isn’t even funny. We haven’t talked about his idiocy regarding China, Climate Change, Black People, Women, the National Debt, and Russia.

I despise Clinton because she represents everything that’s wrong with our political system — she’s the ultimate representation of the corrupt crony-capitalist pseudo-oligarchy that we now find ourselves trapped within.

But I despise Trump because he represents everything that’s wrong with the peoplof this country. He’s the personification of what the rest of the world believes us to be at our worst; stupid, nationalistic, racist, warmongering hicks that would rather squat and take shit onto a pie than share it with anyone else.


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