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What is your dream role?

Funny story: I actually have a complete list of "dream roles" on my phone. It reads something like this (in no specific order) -Cauvelin (The Scarlet Pimpernel) -Sweeney Todd or Anthony (Sweeney Todd) -Bobby (Company) -The Beast (Beauty and the … Continue reading

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so! how does it feel to be homosexual, and to know that your fail-blog cousin is in love with a slut?

((I feel like this is Hopscotch appropriate. Steve’ll probably disagree later, but that’s nothing new or different. =D)) You know, I very much enjoy when trolls just get down to business and ask questions like these. No padding it with … Continue reading

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Were you born gay or did it develop over time?

Before anything else, it goes without saying that this question (or, to be more precise, my response to this question) belongs on my blog. Now that I’ve got that out of the way… Aaaaahaha I see what you did there, … Continue reading

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A few people might not know this, but…

I have a formspring. For those of you who don’t know what formspring is, formspring is a website that allows people to ask other people questions (or post comments) anonymously or otherwise and, as such, it doubles as a breeding … Continue reading

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Please help me understand. How do you know when to use a colon vs. semi colon vs comma. I can never remember.(This is a serious question btw)

First off, my cousin has been passive-aggressively mentioning that he wants me to post more often on Hopscotch, and so, in addition to posting this response on Twitter and Facebook, this response will also be on Hopscotch (which is, if … Continue reading

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hmm, i want to be in drama for the highschool since i’m going to be in it this year, but i’m scared i will forget the words..give me tips! please?

Haha I’m glad to hear that you’re interested in being involved in drama in High School, and, to be honest, even more-so glad that I’m being asked for tips xD This is a rather late response, but I hope to … Continue reading

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